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Bagasse Hinged Clamshell Container - Case of 200

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    Karat Earth Bagasse hinged containers are the perfect alternative to Styrofoam boxes. Bagasse is made from sugar cane fibers that are left over after the extraction of the sugar, which makes the material extremely durable and strong, and thus a great sustainable material for food packaging. This container is microwave-safe and does not emit any toxic fumes.

    • Color: Natural Earth
    • Size: 9"x9"
    • Structure: 1 compartment to carry large portions
    • Material: Bagasse, a Sustainable Material
    • BPI-Certified, Compostable, Biodegradable, Microwave-Safe
    • 50 containers per sleeve, 4 sleeves per case

    Sold by Case = 200 containers

  • Brand:

    Karat Earth

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